Can the RIGOP step up?


Ok, now that you’ve stopped laughing after reading the title of the post, can the RI GOP actually step up?  I don’t just mean to ride the “Scott Brown wave” or to ride the “anti-Obama/health care wave”.  I mean that the state Republicans are really being given a great opportunity here, with Patrick Kennedy’s announcement, and all the subsequent announcements.  In a very short time, we’ve heard that the RI Democratic chair is running for Congress, the Mayor of Providence is running for Congress, that the House Finance Chair is running for mayor of Providence, that the City Council President is running for mayor and the Secretary of State sounds like he’s strongly considering a run for Congress too.  The Lieutenant Governor’s name has been mentioned in the Congressional race as well.  We also already had the Treasurer and Attorney General announced for Governor.

So what would this mean to have so many Democrats trying to shuffle chairs?  It means that seats need to be backfilled.  It means that seats no one planned to have open will be available with no incumbent.    There is the opportunity for the Republicans to step in with their biggest names to try to get a higher profile.  Who am I talking about?  Take people like Bob Watson, Joe Trillo, Dennis Algiere and get them to run for some of these opening positions.  Give up their seats in the Assembly?  Why not?  What is a super-minority getting accomplished anyway?  Can’t they get a lot more done from the Lt. Governor’s seat?  From the Secretary of State’s seat?  If not, it at least sets up the party to have high level names available.

Why not take advantage of this situation?  Why doesn’t someone higher up in the party structure call all of these people to a meeting and show the opportunity  that exists?  What is there really to lose?  Get these people moving up to show what the RI Republican party stands for and what they can do.

Hopefully, the GOP is past trying to open the elections and oust the party chairman.   Get to work, get something done.


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