Robert Healey for Lieutenant Governor!


I support Robert Healey for Lieutenant Governor in November.  His whole platform is that he will take no salary, hire no staff and will work to eliminate the position.

Now that is the smartest thing I’ve ever heard from anyone running for office.  (I’m hesitant to call him a politician, though he’s clearly political)

Can someone name for me what Liz Roberts has accomplished in the last four years?  She said she’d fight for health care.  How’s that worked out?   And that’s not an attack on Liz.  The office is powerless and useless.  We saw what happened during the “December Debacle”.  The Governor was out of state, yet the Lt. Gov was not running the state.   If that’s the case, then the office truly is useless.  The money spent on the office can be better used in other areas, like oh, health care.

I would actually prefer that the Governor and Lt. Governor ran as a ticket.  But the state’s Democratic party will never allow for that.  Why?  Because the more seats that are voted on, the greater chance that the ruling party will win those seats.  Lock up the Lt. Gov with the Governor’s race, and that’s one more seat that the Dems won’t be able to dominate.  Sure, if they win the Gov’s office, they’d then get the Lt. Gov too, but they can very likely win the seat anyway.

So if we’re not going to tie the two positions together, where they can work together on policy and message, then let’s get rid of it.  Make the Senate President the next in line until the voters can elect a new Governor.  Why not the House Speaker?  That job has enough power in itself.  Even it out a little by throwing this the Senate’s way, even though the odds of that taking effect are slim.

So this November, vote to save three million dollars, vote to cut waste, vote to keep another career politician out of office, vote Robert Healey!!


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