Who’s He Kidding?


Who does John Boehner, the perma-tanned House Minority Leader, really think he’s kidding?  I think whichever party is in the minority, should be renamed the “weergunnas”, as in “Weergunna reform, weergunna increase transparency in government, weergunna do this or that”.  C’mon man.  Isn’t he the leader of the party who ran the show with a Republican president until 2006?  Why didn’t he push to do all those things then?  Who wants to hear what someone wants to do, but they can’t because they’re not in power, but claim they would if they were in power.  Yeah, if I just had a billion dollars, I’d cure cancer too.

Of course everything he says sounds good and who would be opposed?  But I wish people like Boehner would just take some advice from Tiger Woods of all people and let his actions speak for themselves.  Don’t tell me what you want to do or what you would do if you had the votes, go get the votes and then show me what you can do.


One Response to “Who’s He Kidding?”

  1. “John Boehner, the perma-tanned House Minority Leader”

    Boehner’s just mad because Obama wants to jack the tax on tanning salons.

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