Cicilline and Politics


“It’s unfortunate,” the mayor said, “that in this political season, people will put their political ambitions before what is right for this city.

Is the quote that ended the ProJo article about Cicilline’s press conference yesterday.   And I couldn’t agree more.  I just think it’s really funny that we can replace the word “people” with “I”.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone play to the media and to their higher political aspirations than what we saw from Cicilline yesterday.

I’m guessing that Esserman is angry and disgusted by the whole situation, and embarrassed.  However, what might be making him most angry is having to sit through Cicilline berating him about how he is (or has?) completely destroyed Cicilline’s Congressional bid.

“The mayor said he backed the chief and his department, saying the actions of a few ‘rogue officers’ didn’t reflect its character.”

So if this is just a few rogue officers, then why does Cicilline want to:

  • institute random drug testing
  • review the special assignment policy
  • review the policy on lending personnel to other departments

Why?  Why aren’t we also reviewing the policy on beating suspects in custody and in a helpless position?  Why aren’t we reviewing the policy on racial profiling?  Why aren’t we reviewing the policy on overtime?  Why aren’t we reviewing the policy on staffing?  Or promotions?  The answer is because none of those issues are related to this case.  He wants to review policy that is related to this case to make sure that Esserman has not failed in his leadership.  That’s fine, but then how do we know that this is only about a few “rogue officers”?  Either it’s a policy problem or it’s rogues.  If it’s the latter, no policy in the world, no leadership in the world is going to fix that.  If it is a policy issue, then the problem is with the system and with leadership in the system.

This is just Cicilline playing to the crowd to “do something”.   The next Congressional polls should be interesting David, very interesting.


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