Cranston Sports Saved


According to the Providence Journal, many of the cut sports in Cranston were saved by an $88,000 donation from the New England Laborers’/Cranston Public Schools Construction Career Academy.

This is very nice that someone would step up and so something for the kids, but they’ve become an enabler to the system now.  Cranston needed to cut in other areas, but now the pressure is off of them for another year.   Imagine having a brother who is crack head.  He comes to you one day and says he can’t afford the rent or electricity on what he makes.  So you go pay the rent and electric bill for him, except then he can spend his remaining money on crack.  Rather than dealing with the main problem, only the symptoms have been treated.

And why does a charter school have an extra $88,000 just lying around that they can afford to give away?


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