You Pay, But I Don’t Have To!


So yet again, the General Assembly decides that they should not have to pay even a penny for their health insurance.  In spite of the fact that they passed legislation requiring that the state’s employees will have to pay between 15% and 25% of their health insurance premium cost.

Many of the members in the Assembly choose to pay a portion of their health care, but there are still some who pay nothing or very little.  I even find it embarrassing and insulting when a legislator will “voluntarily” pay 10% of the health care costs.  Why not be a leader and pay at least the 25% that state employees are required to pay?  And others who have insurance elsewhere take the insurance buyout ($2002) or some portion of that.  Why not forgo the full benefit?  Why not a simple “No thanks”?

Here is the list of our General Assembly who take the benefit for free or for less than the state employees are required to pay, according to the Providence Journal:

Those who pay zero:
Representatives Grace Diaz, Brian Kennedy, David Segal and Timothy Williamson.
Senators Leo Blais, James Doyle, John McBurney and Dominick Ruggerio.

Some of those people run successful businesses or are employed on the municipal level and qualify for the same benefit from the cities.  Hmm, double dipping?

Those who pay less than 15%:
Rep. Scott Pollard is paying 5 percent of the premium cost. Those paying 10 percent include: Representatives Edith Ajello, Joseph Almeida, Samuel Azzinaro, Jon Brien, Kenneth Carter, Elaine Coderre, Arthur Corvese, Steve Costantino, John DeSimone Laurence Ehrhardt, Robert Flaherty, Gordon Fox, Douglas Gablinske, Raymond Gallison, Alfred Gemma, Arthur Handy, J. Russell Jackson, Donald Lally, John Loughlin, Jan Malik, Peter Martin, Nicholas Mattiello, John McCauley, Joseph McNamara, William Murphy, Eileen Naughton, J. Patrick O’Neill, Edwin Pacheco, Peter Palumbo, Amy Rice, Deborah Ruggiero, William San Bento, John Savage, Gregory Schadone, Maryann Shallcross-Smith, Agostinho Silva, Scott Slater, Joseph Trillo, Donna Walsh, Peter Wasylyk, Robert Watson, Anastasia Williams.
Senators Frank Ciccone, Daniel Connors, Marc Cote, Elizabeth Crowley, Daniel DaPointe, Beatrice Lanzi, J. Michael Lenihan, Charles Levesque, Erin Lynch, Michael McCaffrey, Joshua Miller, M. Teresa Paiva Weed, Roger Picard, Rhode Perry, Juan Pichardo, V. Susan Sosnowski, John Tassoni and William Walaska.

How’s that for “leadership”?


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