The “Birther” Argument Rages On, in Arizona


Multiple sources have reported that Arizona has passed a law that requires any Presidential candidate to show a birth certificate before appearing on the Arizona ballot.  According to an article on, this isn’t new to politicians in Arizona, state and local candidates have already been required to do the same.

I’m not one of the “birthers” that people like Sheldon Whitehouse has referred to, but if Obama truly was born in the United States, then this shouldn’t be a problem.  The US Constitution says that you need to have been born on US soil to be eligible to be US President.  That’s pretty clear.  So what’s the problem in presenting a birth certificate from one of the states?   I would think this should have already been a requirement of all US Presidents.

Then again, what do these people really want to prove?  What if it were proven that Obama was born in a foreign country?  I can tell you one that that would not happen, a new election.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, introducing President Biden.

Be careful of what you wish for.


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