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Some towns in RI are finding out the hard way just how deep in the bag our General Assembly is for some unions.  As the Providence Journal recently did a story on, towns are required to hire licensed plumbers to update the water meters on houses.  Changing the water meters will be a savings for […]

I have this idea in my head of a book that I want to write.  It will be about how the US political party system is antiquated and no longer necessary.  It appears that California agrees with me, based on Proposition 14, to be voted on in June and as described in the New York […]

Auntie Zeituni


President Obama’s aunt was recently granted political asylum in Boston and will be able to apply to become a citizen in 5 years.  However, there’s a whole host of problems here, and probably an indication of how the President would handle other illegal immigration cases.  As far as illegal immigration goes, this is about as […]