Archive for June, 2010 has an article about an unnamed firing squad executioner which seems pretty interesting.  He’s a current law enforcement officer who considers his role on the squad to be “100% justice”. He has already taken part in one execution fourteen years ago where he assisted in the execution of a child murderer.   He has strong […]

In the June 3 Providence Phoenix, Phillipe and Jorge wrote about Peter Palumbo’s submission of a Arizona-like anti-illegal immigrant bill, and Gordon Fox’s move to prevent it from getting a floor vote.  They wrote: With idiots like the Tea Party leaders now enjoying their 15 minutes of fame, it is nice to see people stand […]

Be proud, Rhode Island, be proud. Two cities in RI, Woonsocket and Central Falls made the list of the seven cities in America whose bond rating is now “junk”.  This is according to a report on  The other five cities are Harrisburg, PA, Detroit and Pontiac, MI, Harvey, IL and Littlefield, TX. So how […]