Those Racist, Vile Law Enforcement Agencies


In the June 3 Providence Phoenix, Phillipe and Jorge wrote about Peter Palumbo’s submission of a Arizona-like anti-illegal immigrant bill, and Gordon Fox’s move to prevent it from getting a floor vote.  They wrote:

With idiots like the Tea Party leaders now enjoying their 15 minutes of fame, it is nice to see people stand up to what are essentially vile, racist, and numbnuts attempts to degrade society as a whole.

The question I have for Phillipe and Jorge is where do they live?  What is their address?  I’m just wondering because I’d love to get myself a new tv or any other items they have in their home.  I’m guessing they won’t mind if I just come right in and take what I don’t have.  It’s really not fair that they have those things that I don’t.  I can’t afford them, so I should be able to come into their home and take theirs, right?  And after I do that, they won’t call the police and complain, right?  If they do, they’d be vile, racist, numbnuts, no?  That’s all the Arizona bill wants to do, is keep people out who don’t belong in.  By coming in, they’re breaking the law, similar to me breaking in to their house and taking what doesn’t belong to me.  But if it’s someone trying to make a better life for themselves, it’s ok.  Hey, taking their big screen tv will make my life much better.  I guess I don’t see the difference.


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