Sen. Connors is Not Working For Us


[Originally published in the July 1, 2010 Valley Breeze]

Now that the state’s General Assembly has wrapped up for the year, let’s take a look at some of the things that Sen. Dan Connors did for the residents of Cumberland and Lincoln.

A bill to make E-Verify a state law was brought to the floor of the Senate. As mentioned in a recent Valley Breeze, before anything else could be done, before any discussion or vote, our Sen. Connors sent it to committee to die. Apparently, Connors doesn’t care about e-Verify or illegal immigration.¬

Also, the House overwhelmingly passed a new state ethics bill, designed to give some teeth back to the Ethics Commission. This also died in Senate committee. The state’s daily newspaper wrote: “Connors, has repeatedly questioned the need for any action, and said again recently: “If a member of the Assembly were doing something illegal, they could be prosecuted right now in the U.S. District Court by the U.S. Attorney and be subject to penalties for violating the law like any other citizen.”

Right, because the state of Rhode Island, and it’s public officials don’t need any kind of Ethics Commission or any real ethics laws. It sure makes me wonder why Connors doesn’t want to have anything to do with this.

Lastly, Connors voted in favor of the state budget. The same budget that will lower the $6,000 auto tax exemption to $500, which in effect raises the taxes of everyone. My auto tax bill will more than double next year due to this change. Everyone else’s will go up as well. If you own an automobile in R.I., this change means you will pay more in taxes.

Our senator, representing Cumberland and Lincoln, showed that he supports illegal immigration through his killing of the E-Verify bill, that he doesn’t believe the state needs any stronger ethics laws and he raised the taxes of every automobile owner. This is who we voted for. Will you do it again in November?


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