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The Lost Decade


No, this isn’t a reference to 2004-2010 and the great TV show Lost.  This is additional information to show how wrong-minded people like David Cicilline are when they talk about not wanting to let people put a portion of their future social security benefit into the stock market. has an article about “The Lost […]

David Cicilline is up to old political tricks.  Spin the opponent’s take on an issue into a lie, and then repeat it over and over again to people who will never be affected by it.  But most voters are too lazy to really research an issue, too lazy to really dig in and learn what […]

It’s interesting to see how strongly the unions are opposed to the Cumberland Mayoral Academy (Blackstone Valley Prep).  It would seem that the parents of the area think a little differently.   The Woonsocket Call recently described how the Academy is looking to double their size, due to an increase in applications. “The amount of […]

The article begins with one of the most outrageous quotes I think I have ever read, especially in the illegal immigration debate: “If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen.” Who said these words?  They were spoken by a woman who might be the most famous illegal immigrant […]

So poor Kara Russo is upset that the voters got duped.  Bait and switch.  That the person that the voters chose won’t be around to represent them in the November general election.   She wants the Board of Elections, and now the RI Supreme Court to force Heidi Rogers back on the ballot and presumably, […]