Kara Russo and the Lt Governor Situation


So poor Kara Russo is upset that the voters got duped.  Bait and switch.  That the person that the voters chose won’t be around to represent them in the November general election.   She wants the Board of Elections, and now the RI Supreme Court to force Heidi Rogers back on the ballot and presumably, assume the office if she were to win.

If I were on the Board of Elections and overseeing her hearing, I would have one simple question for her:

Kara, your name was on the Republican primary ballot for both US House of Representatives in District 1 and for Lieutenant Governor.  If you won both, and then went on to win both in the general election, how would you have handled that situation?

I’m guessing she would have resigned one of the seats.  However, if that is the case, then what of her argument that the voters got duped and aren’t getting the representation they voted for?  Didn’t she essentially do the exact same thing, except that she didn’t win, so this never became a question.

This one just really seems to reek of hypocrisy.


One Response to “Kara Russo and the Lt Governor Situation”

  1. 1 RITaxpayer

    This really is ‘much ado about nothing’. Pro-jo and the MSM are running with it and I suppose it is selling papers. But for Russo to be so astounded that politics is sometimes, well, down and dirty, just shows her to be naive and not ready for the big show.

    Healey gets my vote.

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