Boehner, McConnell and other Scumbag Republicans


Yes, I am a Republican and do usually support the Republican party and will usually vote that way unless there’s a glaring reason otherwise (ahem, Kerry King and that “forgotten” homestead exemption in Florida).

However, when I hear of things that are coming out of Boehner, I get pretty disgusted.  Do we trust what he says or what he’s done?  Let’s look at what he is saying, according to the Palm Beach Post:

If Republicans win control of the House, Boehner said, “You’ll see us every single week move bills that will cut spending.”

Hmm, ok I have a few questions with that, and not just the obvious, like “why didn’t you do that 6 years ago when you had control of Congress and instead spent like drunk sailors?”.  How about “Why do you want to make it sound like KMart where you have a new sale every week.  “This week, a savings on Medicare! Next week, we’ll cut the defense budget!”  If they know of all these things that need to get cut, why roll them out on a once a week basis?  Why not just walk in on day one and cut them all?  Throw them all out there, get your votes and cut.  Oh wait, I think I know why.  Because the president will veto all your cuts and votes to repeal the health care bill and you don’t have the necessary votes to override the veto.  So umm, exactly how will you get these passed again?

As for McConnell, I’m just lumping him into this as well, as he totally disgusts me as a politician as well.  According to a January 2009 article, McConnell the ranking Republican in the Senate is one of the kings and protectors of the pork.

Just over a year ago, the conservative Club for Growth lambasted him for opposing a Democratic proposal to eliminate budgetary “earmarks,”

Ok, so he supports pork.  Hey, that’s money that taxpayers from all around the country pay into the system, so shouldn’t that money come back out in the form of new highways and schools?  Well how about if it’s spent for things like:

In Owensboro (Kentucky), residents can stroll through Mitch McConnell Plaza, an urban renewal project that is the pride of that riverfront town. In Lexington, students can take advantage of the wonderful Mitch McConnell Distance Learning Center at the university’s law school. In  Louisville, joggers can stretch their legs along the Mitch McConnell Loop Trail in the city’s new $38 million park.

Exactly why is Mitch McConnell’s name on these things, as to insinuate that he owns them or he paid for them?  He didn’t.  You and I did.

Should we trust these Republicans?  No.  I don’t.  But I sure don’t trust Democrats any more.  I’d certainly feel a little better if Boehner and McConnell were willing to sacrifice themselves in a trade-off.   If the Republicans get the majority in each of their houses, Boehner and McConnell will step down from their leadership positions.  Deal?


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