RI’s Remedial Problem


Today, Jennifer Jordan wrote an article stating that “Almost Two-Thirds of Students Entering CCRI [are] Not Ready for College Work”.   One little aspect of statistics that is left out in the projo article is they’re not looking at all Rhode Island high school graduates who go to college, only those who go to CCRI.  The numbers are higher than I would have expected, but at the same time, we have to ask, what kind of student goes to CCRI?  What would the numbers be if we looked at all RI graduates at all colleges?  No offense to CCRI students, but I’m guessing many of the better students who don’t need the remedial work have already been skimmed off the top, and those kids go to Brown, RIC, J&W and other similar colleges.   Community college can also be for students who didn’t take high school that seriously for whatever reason and want a fresh start.

So the numbers are higher than I would expect, but it seems that this article lets the reader get a little misled about what the data means and its conclusions.


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