In Barney Frank’s Own Words


I know that this is intended to be a Rhode Island blog with focus on RI issues, I gotta give huge kudos to Sean Bielat, Frank’s opponent in the Congressional election for this commercial:

As the Congressman is sometimes difficult to understand, allow me to include his words:

“And even if there were a problem, the federal government doesn’t bail them out”

“Fundamentally, I don’t think there is a crisis”

“I don’t think that Fannie and Freddie are financially insolvent.  I don’t think they need large bailouts”

“Oh absolutely not.  I think they should be abolished.”

Yeah, but maybe Barney just wasn’t up on the issues and misspoke.  Everyone makes mistakes, right?  No.  He is the House Chairman of the Financial Services Committee.  In other words, he knows more about the banking industry and the related United States finances than just about anyone else.  So was he lying or dumb?  Either way, should that be who represents you?

So, southeastern Massachusetts, do you still trust Barney Frank?


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