Props to Sheldon


Ok I’m usually right there with the partisan talk and usually tend to lean to the right in most political discussions.  But I’m open to ripping Republicans too if it’s deserved.   Usually those on the left, including the entire Rhode Island Congressional delegation, are so philosophically different from me that I have a pretty easy time disagreeing with them.  However when the once-in-a-blue-moon comes up that I agree with something they do, I like to point it out.

Sheldon Whitehouse was a sponsor of S2847, Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act (CALM Act), which has been a long, long time coming.  What this bill does is finally requires the television networks to make the volume of the commercial advertising to match the programming.  Hallelujah.   This has been high on my list of irritants for many years.

I remember being a kid and watching TV in bed in my upstairs bedroom.  The latest from Happy Days or Laverne and Shirley.  All would be fine until the commercials would come on at an increased volume.  My father would yell from downstairs “Turn that TV down!”.  So I’d get up and turn the volume down.  Then when the program came back on, I couldn’t hear it.  So I’d get up and turn it back on until the next commercial break. “I said turn that TV down!”  Back and forth we’d go.

Flash forward about 25 years.  When my daughter was a baby, she’d often struggle to fall asleep and was a pretty light sleeper.  So when we were finally able to get her to sleep, we’d watch TV with the volume turned to a level where it was loud enough to hear but still quiet enough to not wake her.  Until the commercial.  There’s Crazy Eddie bashing whatever prices he wanted to bash.  Or the car commercials.  Or Wendy’s.  “Waaaaaahhhh!”.

So while the volume of television commercials isn’t a threat to our national security and sure isn’t going to solve the financial or housing crises, I want to say thank you to Sheldon for getting this bill passed.

And if I can take my one partisan jab at him, if this is the only real legislation Whitehouse will have to run his 2012 campaign on, maybe a Republican could have a shot at knocking him out.  Oh I can only hope.


One Response to “Props to Sheldon”

  1. 1 Another RI lefty

    Hear hear! Now if he would only tackle those darn noisy motorcycles!!

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