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For Christmas, my family got the game mancala, a fun African game using stones and wells in a board.  So one night I was looking to see if there was an online version anywhere and I stumbled across on on the AFL-CIO web site.  After few games, I decided to poke around the site a […]

I’m just trying to keep this all straight now.  So Governor Chafee feels the political discourse in this state has gotten too nasty, too divisive.  He feels that the level of discussion on talk radio and elsewhere around the country led to the Tucson shootings.   I’m not sure where he makes that connection, but […]

It seems like  for every act that Governor Lincoln Chafee does, we can easily find something else in his history that contradicts it.  He hasn’t even been in office yet for two weeks! While a candidate, Chafee stated his displeasure with the Economic Development Corp’s deal to guarantee loan to 38 Studios in exchange for […]

So it’s not bad enough that pundits and the media are taking an opportunity to blame the Tucson shootings on the “right-wing” and “hate talk”.  Even Governor Chafee has decreed that no state employee may speak to talk radio while on the state’s dime.  Even if he did describe the ban as being against “ratings-driven, […]