The Logic of Cocky Wacko?

Chafee - Cocky Wacko

(Photo courtesy of Reuters)

I’m just trying to keep this all straight now.  So Governor Chafee feels the political discourse in this state has gotten too nasty, too divisive.  He feels that the level of discussion on talk radio and elsewhere around the country led to the Tucson shootings.   I’m not sure where he makes that connection, but he’s entitled to his opinion.

However he and Michael “Mr. $250K” Trainor are also trying to warp the laws of logic.  Let’s break it down this way so it’s really easy to follow.  A recent ProJo article quoted:

Chafee noted that he had experienced the “divisiveness of talk radio” on a personal level.

But what might be interesting is the very next line:

In 2006, conservative author Ann Coulter wrote a column in the weekly newspaper…

So Chafee is using a 2006 newspaper column to explain the “divisiveness of talk radio”?

Ok, so that bending of truth and logic may be bad enough.  Let’s give the Governor a pass and see if he just means that he doesn’t like any kind of divisive talk and is opposed to it in any format.

Later in the article, Marcelo asks about a comment that Chafee made in 2008:

in a 2008 appearance at the Washington think tank the New America Foundation, Chafee called Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential candidate, a “cocky wacko,”

Hmm.  I don’t know your definition of “divisive”, but calling the Republican Vice Presidential candidate a “cocky wacko” would seem pretty divisive to me.  So how does he explain it?  Marcelo asked Mr. $250K and he responded with:

“That remark was not made in a talk-radio format. We do not think it is an equivalent situation,”

Wow.  So Coulter’s newspaper column is evidence of the “divisiveness of talk radio”, but when he makes a comment during a speech, it’s not equivalent?  Logic is getting torn to shreds here.  But hang on, Mr. $250K takes it one step further:

“I go back to the fact that, in light of Arizona, the headline that Ann Coulter used four years ago is more than enough of an explanation that talk radio can be divisive.”

“Four days ago, 20 people were shot in Arizona,” Trainor said. “I think most reasonable people would establish that connection.”

My head is spinning.  Now he’s saying that it’s obvious to connect a 2006 newspaper column with divisiveness of talk radio and the shootings in Tucson?

This is what we’re dealing with here with our “leadership” in Rhode Island.  We’re almost two weeks in.  Three years and 50 weeks more of this.  I don’t know if I can take it.


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