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So the Providence teachers are upset that they all got termination, not layoff, notices yesterday.  And they have no idea why. One teacher said she feels “disrespected”.  Why?  The city is merely following the law.  According to the law and the teachers’ contract, the school board must notify any teacher by March 1 if their […]

Did you ever think you’d see a headline like that?  Pawtucket, Rhode Island was chosen for a small business because it is “more profitable and secure”.  I’m sure this is something that Mayor Grebien would be quite proud of, right?  Well, no. What is this small business?  It may not be all that small as […]

So the word went out on Monday.  The Rhode Island labor leaders would be having a protest under the rotunda at the RI State House.  There are no current contract negotiations with the state’s unions, there are no bills in the Assembly to limit their collective bargaining power and none of them have been wronged […]

First there was Wisconsin and now Indiana.  Not just budget troubles or just anti-union governors, but instead we have Democrats who choose to run instead of doing their job.  Both state legislatures are facing a stalemate where the Republican-controlled legislatures are looking to pass some tough new laws curbing the rights of public sector unions. […]