Cowards Fleeing Their States


FAILFirst there was Wisconsin and now Indiana.  Not just budget troubles or just anti-union governors, but instead we have Democrats who choose to run instead of doing their job.  Both state legislatures are facing a stalemate where the Republican-controlled legislatures are looking to pass some tough new laws curbing the rights of public sector unions.

In both cases, the Republicans carry enough of a majority and the Governor’s seat, to pass any laws they want.  The only problem is there aren’t enough of them to achieve a quorum without the Democrats being present.  The Democrats say they will not return unless the Republicans are willing to back off their demands to gut the strength of the public employee unions.  The Republicans feel that they’re doing the work of the people who elected them.  To the victor go the spoils.

As such, we’ve landed in this stalemate.

Is this really how the Democrats think they’re best serving their state?  Run away when things get tough?  Effectively shutting down the state legislature?  Is this what they were elected to do?

Maybe the funniest/saddest part of this is as the Democratic “leaders” run away and out of state, the protesters are piling in.  And not just protesters, but often Astroturfers as well.  People from out of state being brought in to protest.   State legislators run out, protesters run in.

We see this “to the victor go the spoils” year after year.  The Democrats have dominated the State House for many years and currently enjoy such a majority that they can have a quorum or even a very well attended parade without any Republicans at all, if they chose to go that route.

Why should Republicans in Wisconsin and Indiana agree to negotiate with the Democrats?  The Republicans have the numbers, they have the majority, that’s how government works, no?  Is the majority supposed to negotiate with the minority?  If so, we certainly don’t see much of that here in Rhode Island.  The Democrats and their leadership have been able to ram through any legislation they choose, and now with a more agreeable Governor in Linc Chafee, they’ll have an even easier time getting new bills through.

How would I solve the issues with the vacant Democrats in those other states?  First, I would see if there’s any way a judge could hold the Dems in contempt.  To the point that when they do return, they’re serving jail time.  Yes, let them sit in a jail for not doing their job.

If there’s no way to do this or no judge would issue such an order, just go ahead with the business anyway, without the quorum.  Let the Democrats stay away forever.  Pass the bill, have the Governor sign it into law and enact it.  Let the Democrats come back to fight it.  As soon as one steps back in the state or the State House, call the quorum.

Strange times indeed.


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