Pawtucket is “more profitable and secure”


Did you ever think you’d see a headline like that?  Pawtucket, Rhode Island was chosen for a small business because it is “more profitable and secure”.  I’m sure this is something that Mayor Grebien would be quite proud of, right?  Well, no.

What is this small business?  It may not be all that small as it is an international fraudulent document trafficking organization, according to the Providence Journal.

Ok, so there’s a place where you can get your fake social security cards, your fake drivers’ license (heck, you used to be able to get that at the RI DMV), your fake green card.  But what really sticks out in the article was this section:

Pawtucket and other cities in the network were selected targeted as “more profitable and secure,” based on such criteria as “the amount of competition, profitability, law enforcement-presence and potential client base comprising illegal aliens.”

Just like any smart businessman, Cruz Millan, the head of this whole organization found the area where he’d find the most business and people most receptive to his product.  Right here in Rhode Island.   Targeted marketing in the heart of his customer base.  Business 101.

I wonder was Steven Pare and Angel Taveras are thinking of this in light of them wanting to opt out of the “Secure Communities“.  I’m sure this made Mr. Millan quite happy to hear that the capital city wasn’t going to be looking out for his customer base.  But hey if you listen to the progressives, we don’t have an illegal immigrant problem in Rhode Island.  We even have Grace Diaz and Juan Pichardo wanting to give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.  Wouldn’t it just be easier for them to spend the $200 with an operation like Millan’s and simply become a US citizen, at least on paper?

We often hear that many of the laws, or the fact that many laws are not enforced leads to illegal immigrants being attracted to Rhode Island.  That’s baloney, says the left.  It’s great to have yet another concrete example of why immigration law needs to be enforced at all levels.

Laws are laws.  Enforce them or remove them.


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