You Asked For It


So the Providence teachers are upset that they all got termination, not layoff, notices yesterday.  And they have no idea why.

One teacher said she feels “disrespected”.  Why?  The city is merely following the law.  According to the law and the teachers’ contract, the school board must notify any teacher by March 1 if their job could be in jeopardy.  Who asked for that?  The teachers’ union.  They wanted enough notice to begin looking for another job.  Six months isn’t enough notice?  Guess how much time most of us in the public sector get usually.  Zero.

Hey yeah, come in to my office please.  We’re facing some cutbacks and laying you off.  Please hand over your office ID card and you can pick up your personal belongings.  This security officer will escort you to your car.  Thank you for your service.

That’s how it works in the private sector.  In the public sector, you get six months notice, and even then, you could still get your job back.  Many of the nearly 2,000 teachers in Providence will get their jobs back.  Is Providence going to have a school system next year?  Of course.  So they will need teachers.  So some will need to be hired back.

Oh, but this is a termination, not a layoff, so seniority rules may not apply.  Yeah, so?  Who says seniority makes you a better teacher?  Have you ever heard of any non-union company getting rid of their best employees just for the heck of it?  Of course not.  So any good, hard-working teachers have nothing to fear.  It’s the slackers and coasters who might have something to worry about.

It’s not fair, they’re going to terminate all the top-step teachers just to save money.  Again, yeah, so?  You don’t think that happens in private industry?  You’re not pulling your weight and you make a lot of money?  Bye bye.  If you’re a great teacher, even at top-step rates, you’re not overpaid, so there should be no worries there.  Any great teachers should be retained.  Any slackers should be cut.  That’s the bottom line.  That’s how it works in the private sector and it sounds like that’s how it may work in Providence.



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