Hey ProJo, Too Little Too Late


Is there anything more self-serving and embarrassing than Alisha Pina’s article today about her frustration in trying to get answers from David Cicilline. Providence is royally screwed up financially, in spite of then-Congressional candidate Cicilline telling us that the city had a balanced budget and all funds were fully stocked and the city was meeting its financial obligations. Now we see that wasn’t quite true.

Where was the ProJo for the last 4-5 years to sort through the finances of the city? Why weren’t they right in there and checking the facts and confirming the assertions?

What makes this worse is that at election time, a city auditor was telling us all this information. Did the ProJo follow up on the claims then and hold Cicilline’s feet to the fire? No. Instead they endorsed him in his campaign for Congress.

So now, should they be surprised when they get stuttering and stonewalling from the Congressman’s press secretary?

Isn’t this the responsiblity of the Fourth Estate? Be skeptical, don’t trust, get facts. The ProJo definitely shirked its responsibility to its readers. They were told two very different stories back in October. One by a slick-talking known politician who always smiled and had time for the reporters. And then some auditor that seemingly had an ax to grind. They simply took Cicilline’s word for it, didn’t dig any deeper and slapped their endorsement on his campaign.

Now they want to dig in? Too little, too late, ProJo.


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