Who is Osama bin Laden?


Seriously?  Teenagers have no idea who Osama Bin Laden is, according to Yahoo Search Blog.

This is a major failure on the part of parents and school systems/teachers.  Are we really that deep into the touchy/feely and PC world where we don’t want to upset anybody or make them feel bad?  I’m not saying that we should be showing execution videos to kindergartners, but any teenager should be completely aware of the happenings of September 11, 2001.

I have an idea, most junior and high school grades have a history class.  School starts in September.  Why not start off the year, up to September 11 of that year, going over the events of what happened and each year, the students can get into it deeper, the whys, the political reasons and then even go further into the history of bin Laden, the war with the Russians, the creation of al Qaeda, the multiple bombings.  Everything that he and his group did.  Every American needs to understand and be taught these things, because

Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it

-George Santayana

We must do everything we can to prevent another attack like September 11, but if we’re not teaching the next generations about it, it will be gone.

Who is Osama bin Laden?  Are you kidding me…


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