Can we get the story straight?


In the first 48 hours since Osama bin Laden was exterminated, the details on the story have been changed multiple times.  Why?  What this really looks like is they’re trying to hide something.  They killed other people in the house.  They killed OBL’s son and a woman.  They killed OBL’s wife.  No they didn’t, they just wounded her when she charged at the SEALs.  OBL used a woman as a human shield.  No, it was his wife.  No, he didn’t use a woman as a shield.  He shot at the SEALs.  He was unarmed.

So which is it?  We also saw reports that Obama and many in his staff, including VP Biden and SoS Clinton watched the raid in real time.  So they know exactly what happened.  Why is the White House putting out conflicting information?  Why not just explain it all exactly as it happened?  Even better, release the video.  Let the media see what happened.  Then there can be no confusion, no cover up, and even better, there’s your proof that OBL is dead without having to release and gruesome photos that newspapers will splash across their front pages.

C’mon Mr. President.  People approve of what you did.  Now just tell them what was done and make it the truth.  Otherwise, it’s no wonder why people can’t trust the government.


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