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Debt Ceiling


The Associated Press cites: “At least one credit rating agency has already made it clear that unless that agreement includes at least $4 trillion in budget cuts over the next decade, the country’s AAA rating could be lost. Right now, the proposals under discussion cut around $2 trillion or less.” One problem with these numbers […]

Here is the letter to the editor that I submitted to the Valley Breeze and should get published next week: In a recent Valley Breeze letter to the editor, Congressman David Cicilline makes a great many allegations, all against “the Republican budget”.  Maybe the Congressman forgets something though.  The Democrats are still in control.  The Democrats […]

Is there anything more self-serving and embarrassing than Alisha Pina’s article today about her frustration in trying to get answers from David Cicilline. Providence is royally screwed up financially, in spite of then-Congressional candidate Cicilline telling us that the city had a balanced budget and all funds were fully stocked and the city was meeting […]

Ok I’m usually right there with the partisan talk and usually tend to lean to the right in most political discussions.  But I’m open to ripping Republicans too if it’s deserved.   Usually those on the left, including the entire Rhode Island Congressional delegation, are so philosophically different from me that I have a pretty […]

First, let me quote this: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. That is the text of the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution.  So if the US Constitution doesn’t give a specific power […]

Yes, I am a Republican and do usually support the Republican party and will usually vote that way unless there’s a glaring reason otherwise (ahem, Kerry King and that “forgotten” homestead exemption in Florida). However, when I hear of things that are coming out of Boehner, I get pretty disgusted.  Do we trust what he […]

Also known as a pyramid scheme.   This is what happens when a group of people give money to the person at the top of the pyramid and each get six more people involved and move the names up a row.  It continues on and on, money given to the name at the top of […]