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I frequently read articles that make me think, I should blog about that, but then I get distracted by some new shiny object, like a set of keys.  However today’s ProJo article about the dealings of Donald Ianazzi and Senator Dominic Ruggerio (who’s been mentioned before in this blog) are exactly what’s wrong with Rhode […]

Mass Exodus?


Yesterday Ted Nesi had a blog post about businesses leaving Massachusetts for Rhode Island.  Is this indicative of a changing-for-the-better business climate in Rhode Island?  Conservatives often gnash their teeth about how anti-business RI is and lament that even Massachusetts is better.  One piece of evidence?  Look at the border towns like Seekonk and Attleboro. […]

What does  Rhode Island General Law (RIGL) 28-14-3.1 say? whenever any employer provides for a payroll deduction for any purpose, the employer shall transfer those funds deducted to the appropriate person, agency, partnership, or corporation entitled to the money deducted So what does that lawyer-speak actually say?  It basically says that all union dues must be […]

For Christmas, my family got the game mancala, a fun African game using stones and wells in a board.  So one night I was looking to see if there was an online version anywhere and I stumbled across on on the AFL-CIO web site.  After few games, I decided to poke around the site a […]

[Originally published in the July 1, 2010 Valley Breeze] Now that the state’s General Assembly has wrapped up for the year, let’s take a look at some of the things that Sen. Dan Connors did for the residents of Cumberland and Lincoln. A bill to make E-Verify a state law was brought to the floor […]

So yet again, the General Assembly decides that they should not have to pay even a penny for their health insurance.  In spite of the fact that they passed legislation requiring that the state’s employees will have to pay between 15% and 25% of their health insurance premium cost. Many of the members in the […]

Gordon Fox has only been the Speaker of the House since February 11 and just 62 days later, he suffered his first major attack.   In what has been a slam dunk for the last 34 years (according to the Providence Journal), the RI Senate rejected a budget bill that was passed by the RI […]