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Debt Ceiling


The Associated Press cites: “At least one credit rating agency has already made it clear that unless that agreement includes at least $4 trillion in budget cuts over the next decade, the country’s AAA rating could be lost. Right now, the proposals under discussion cut around $2 trillion or less.” One problem with these numbers […]

In the first 48 hours since Osama bin Laden was exterminated, the details on the story have been changed multiple times.  Why?  What this really looks like is they’re trying to hide something.  They killed other people in the house.  They killed OBL’s son and a woman.  They killed OBL’s wife.  No they didn’t, they […]

The article begins with one of the most outrageous quotes I think I have ever read, especially in the illegal immigration debate: “If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen.” Who said these words?  They were spoken by a woman who might be the most famous illegal immigrant […]

Auntie Zeituni


President Obama’s aunt was recently granted political asylum in Boston and will be able to apply to become a citizen in 5 years.  However, there’s a whole host of problems here, and probably an indication of how the President would handle other illegal immigration cases.  As far as illegal immigration goes, this is about as […]

Multiple sources have reported that Arizona has passed a law that requires any Presidential candidate to show a birth certificate before appearing on the Arizona ballot.  According to an article on, this isn’t new to politicians in Arizona, state and local candidates have already been required to do the same. I’m not one of […]