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Here is the letter to the editor that I submitted to the Valley Breeze and should get published next week: In a recent Valley Breeze letter to the editor, Congressman David Cicilline makes a great many allegations, all against “the Republican budget”.  Maybe the Congressman forgets something though.  The Democrats are still in control.  The Democrats […]

I frequently read articles that make me think, I should blog about that, but then I get distracted by some new shiny object, like a set of keys.  However today’s ProJo article about the dealings of Donald Ianazzi and Senator Dominic Ruggerio (who’s been mentioned before in this blog) are exactly what’s wrong with Rhode […]

Is there anything more self-serving and embarrassing than Alisha Pina’s article today about her frustration in trying to get answers from David Cicilline. Providence is royally screwed up financially, in spite of then-Congressional candidate Cicilline telling us that the city had a balanced budget and all funds were fully stocked and the city was meeting […]

I don’t know why I continue to read stories about union protests in this state anymore.  They’re simply rhetoric and hate and a total lack of education of a problem.  Ironic though that the problem is a lack of education when it comes to those in the teaching profession.  Let’s take a look at some […]

So the Providence teachers are upset that they all got termination, not layoff, notices yesterday.  And they have no idea why. One teacher said she feels “disrespected”.  Why?  The city is merely following the law.  According to the law and the teachers’ contract, the school board must notify any teacher by March 1 if their […]

Did you ever think you’d see a headline like that?  Pawtucket, Rhode Island was chosen for a small business because it is “more profitable and secure”.  I’m sure this is something that Mayor Grebien would be quite proud of, right?  Well, no. What is this small business?  It may not be all that small as […]

“It’s unfortunate,” the mayor said, “that in this political season, people will put their political ambitions before what is right for this city. Is the quote that ended the ProJo article about Cicilline’s press conference yesterday.   And I couldn’t agree more.  I just think it’s really funny that we can replace the word “people” […]