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To me, this is pretty simple.  There is this mentality in the RI public sector unions that you can retire after 20 years.  Ok, sure, I have no problem with that.  But how did they get that mentality?  It is because that is when their pension is fully vested.  Rather than seeing it as a […]

Here is the letter to the editor that I submitted to the Valley Breeze and should get published next week: In a recent Valley Breeze letter to the editor, Congressman David Cicilline makes a great many allegations, all against “the Republican budget”.  Maybe the Congressman forgets something though.  The Democrats are still in control.  The Democrats […]

Mass Exodus?


Yesterday Ted Nesi had a blog post about businesses leaving Massachusetts for Rhode Island.  Is this indicative of a changing-for-the-better business climate in Rhode Island?  Conservatives often gnash their teeth about how anti-business RI is and lament that even Massachusetts is better.  One piece of evidence?  Look at the border towns like Seekonk and Attleboro. […]

So the word went out on Monday.  The Rhode Island labor leaders would be having a protest under the rotunda at the RI State House.  There are no current contract negotiations with the state’s unions, there are no bills in the Assembly to limit their collective bargaining power and none of them have been wronged […]

For Christmas, my family got the game mancala, a fun African game using stones and wells in a board.  So one night I was looking to see if there was an online version anywhere and I stumbled across on on the AFL-CIO web site.  After few games, I decided to poke around the site a […]

I’m just trying to keep this all straight now.  So Governor Chafee feels the political discourse in this state has gotten too nasty, too divisive.  He feels that the level of discussion on talk radio and elsewhere around the country led to the Tucson shootings.   I’m not sure where he makes that connection, but […]

It seems like  for every act that Governor Lincoln Chafee does, we can easily find something else in his history that contradicts it.  He hasn’t even been in office yet for two weeks! While a candidate, Chafee stated his displeasure with the Economic Development Corp’s deal to guarantee loan to 38 Studios in exchange for […]