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I know that this is intended to be a Rhode Island blog with focus on RI issues, I gotta give huge kudos to Sean Bielat, Frank’s opponent in the Congressional election for this commercial: As the Congressman is sometimes difficult to understand, allow me to include his words: “And even if there were a problem, […]

Also known as a pyramid scheme.   This is what happens when a group of people give money to the person at the top of the pyramid and each get six more people involved and move the names up a row.  It continues on and on, money given to the name at the top of […]

The Lost Decade


No, this isn’t a reference to 2004-2010 and the great TV show Lost.  This is additional information to show how wrong-minded people like David Cicilline are when they talk about not wanting to let people put a portion of their future social security benefit into the stock market. has an article about “The Lost […]

David Cicilline is up to old political tricks.  Spin the opponent’s take on an issue into a lie, and then repeat it over and over again to people who will never be affected by it.  But most voters are too lazy to really research an issue, too lazy to really dig in and learn what […]

Ok, now that you’ve stopped laughing after reading the title of the post, can the RI GOP actually step up?  I don’t just mean to ride the “Scott Brown wave” or to ride the “anti-Obama/health care wave”.  I mean that the state Republicans are really being given a great opportunity here, with Patrick Kennedy’s announcement, […]

In the span of 24 hours, Rhode Island Democratic Party Chairman William Lynch has decided that he is his party’s best choice to replace Patrick Kennedy in Congress.   Lynch is supposedly elected to do what is best for the state Democratic party, not necessarily what is best for Bill Lynch. So in about 24 […]